Therapies for rare conditions are becoming available to patients at a rapid pace and we want to help families reduce diagnostic odysseys. Whenever we can, we want to give parents the opportunity to choose to screen for additional treatable conditions. Because Baebies believes everyone deserves a healthy start, we have developed Eli, a supplemental newborn screening service.

Partner with Baebies

Biopharmaceutical and biotech companies, research teams and patient advocacy groups around the world are currently working toward finding treatments for many rare conditions. Finding patients and ensuring their access to treatment or enrollment into clinical trials is therefore vitally important. Eli supports these efforts by providing supplemental newborn screening services. This screening is called “supplemental screening” in that it serves to supplement, and not compete with, the screening that is typically conducted in public health labs around the world. Samples are collected from various sources to maximize screening volume. See how partnering with Baebies benefits the rare disease community:


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Every Life’s Important

More than 100 million babies born worldwide each year are not screened for even the most basic treatable congenital disorders. Catching those conditions early is the key to the best possible outcomes.